DR territory 01.png


- Level Limit 65+
- Group Instance (Max. 6)
- Location Entrance Kaldor
- Max 5 Entry a Week


- Named Monster Modor
- Time Attack 15mins


- Mythic Weapon, Armor drop
- Eternal Weapon, Armor drop
- Idian, Advanced Material drop

Elemental Information

Water Elemental Defense > Fire Elemental Defense

Modor's Normal attack damage is Fire element based, and almost all of the skill damages are water based.(Some of the skill damage have no element base.)

Since the water skills do more damage than the normal fire damage, you should use Waterproof Scrolls, but using Fireproof Scrolls will also help.

You can get over 400 Water Damage Defense by using consumable items with water defense and buffs.

If you are a long ranged Damage Dealer, with the priority of attacking Modor, then it is better that you remove the Winter Circle Buff you have received from the cleric. After the 3rd phase, there is a high probability that the Long Ranged DPS will become Modor's main target. During this phase the fire normal damage done is more powerful, causing 3K damage in the middle.

Territory Information

DR territory 02.png

The combat zone is a small circle in center of the territory.

If you step in the blue water, out of the combat zone, you will die instantly.

DR territory 03.png

There are 5 pillars Modor will attack from - going from the pillars, to the combat zone, periodically.

Skill Information

Modor's Skill List (Ground)

- Main Pattern : Rend Space(Ground) -> Electric Wrath -> Electric Vengeance -> Freezing Sphere of Mailce

  • Rend Space : Teleport to ground or random pillers
  • Summon Blizzard : AOE [1] attack to front area + Silence
  • Freezing Sphere of Revenge : Big damage to single target
  • Freezing Sphere of Mailce : AOE [1] attack to random target area + Decrease Speed
  • Grendel's Explosive Wrath : AOE [1] attack to huge area + Stumble
  • Grendel's Explosive Temper : AOE [1] attack to huge area + Stumble + Stumble + MP Damage
  • Electric Vengeance : AOE [1] to around of Modor + Knock Back, and Electric Wrath will be comming
  • Electric Wrath : AOE [1] to around of Modor + Add damage to shocked target
  • Spiteful Fear : AOE [1] attack to front area + Fear
  • Demented Scream : Damage + Blind + Silence

Modor's Skill List (Pillers)

- Main Pattern : Rend Space(Pillers) -> Freezing Sphere of Mailce -> Freezing Sphere of Mailce -> Freezing Sphere of Revenge

  • Rend Space : Teleport to ground or random pillers
  • Mailcious Ice Storm : Continuous AOE [1] attack to random area + Decrease Speed + Decrease Attack Speed
  • Freezing Sphere of Mailce : AOE [1] attack to around of random single target + Decrease Speed
  • Freezing Sphere of Revenge : Big damage to single target

Summon Monster Skills

- Main Pattern : Summon Monster -> Rend Space(Pillers) -> Grendels's Rage -> Freezing Sphere of Mailce

  • Summon Monster : Summon adds after shout (1phase : 3adds / 3phase : 4adds)
  • Grendels's Rage : Modor moving to pillers after summon and then use this skill to random target. AOE [1] attack to around of the target + Aerial Thrust (10sec)

Modor Clone's Skill

- Main Pattern : Normal Attack -> Freezing Sphere of Revenge -> Normal Attack -> Freezing Sphere of Revenge > Vengeful Orb

  • Freezing Sphere of Revenge : Single Target Damage. Each clone use this skill at same time. but its less damage than real one.
  • Vengeful Orb : After save energy 10sec, AOE [1] attack to all around of screen + Stumble


  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 Area Of Effect: attacks or other effects that affect multiple targets within a specified area.

Progress Information

Phase.0 Warming up

DR phase0 mark 01.png

Kill 3 elite monsters

  • At start, there are 3 elite monsters.
  • These monsters are the same monsters that will be summoned by Modor later and you can use meze[1] skills. because their attack power is strong.
  • After killing all of them, the Phase.1 will start with time attack of 15mins.


  • Killing last human type monster is safer. you can bind the monster using meze[1] skills.
  • The summoned monster's skill is very painful. so, it's safe if you can interrupt their skills using stun, stumble or lure.
  • Chanter can use Mantras and Words and Ranger can use Sandstorm trap or Spike Bite trap.


  1. 1.0 1.1 kind of mesmerize skills

Phase.1 Killing Cursed Queen Modor

The interval from 100% to 50% of Modor's HP
  • Time attack 15 mins is started.
  • When Modor's HP is 75%, The attack pattern will change and Modor's will go to the pillars after summoning 3 adds.
  • When Modor's HP is 50%, Modor will disappear and Phase.2 will be start.

The interval from 100% to 75% of Modor's HP
  • To minimize damage from AOE attack, Tanker should show Modor's back to other members. The healer and long ranged damage dealers should keep distance of 10m from Modor.

The interval from 75% to 50% of Modor's HP
  • After adds are summoned, Grendel's Rage skill that will put players in aerial thrust will be used immediately. so all members should get ready to use Remove Shork.
  • After Rend Space to pillars, Summon Blizzard skill that will silence players will be used. if you are hit by the skill, use greater healing potion to remove silence state.
  • After Rend Space to ground, AOE attack skills will be used. to minimize damage from these AOE, all members should be spread apart.

Phase.2 Killing Modor's Clone x 3

DR phase2 01.png

Find real clone and kill it

  • Modor will disappear and 5 clones will appear on each pillars when Modor's HP is 50%
  • Find the real clone within 5 clones and kill it 3 times then Phase.3 will be started.

The clone's feature

  • Real clone has balloon when it appear.
  • kill close one first within real clones

The clone's dangerous skills

  • Freezing Sphere of Revenge
    • Each clone use this skill at same time. This skill damage is over 3k suppose to 400 water elemental defense.
    • The player who hit by this skill from several clones at once can be die. So, don't take aggro alone from clones at same time.
    • Tanker can do anything at the moment except take aggro from one of clones within 15m.
  • Vengeful Orb
    • This skill is an AOE and the damage is over 12k suppose to 400 water elemental defense with stumble.
    • Every group member can use Anti-Shock scroll and Chanter can use Mantras or Words.
    • The skill will be used after 1 minute from clone's appearance. All group members should prepare survival skill like Focus Evasion or Nature's Resolve etc.

DR phase2 02.png DR phase2 03.png

- If ranger or gunslinger is one of group members, then don't target the clone where 22m.
- The seen that real clone has balloon when she shout.
- The balloon will be seen during 10sec.

Phase.3 Killing Raged Queen Modor

  • Raged Queen Modor
    • Real combat is started. Raged Queen Modor will be appeared with full HP.
    • Modor has buff that increase physical or magical damage. but SpritMaster or SongWeaver can remove it using dispell.

  • The interval from 100% to 50% of Modor's HP
    • When Phase.3 is started, 4 adds will be summoned after AOE attack.
    • After Rend Space to ground, Modor will use Electric Vengeance and Electric Wrath. If someone hitted by these skill alone, he will die instantly.
    • No more summon at this interval except first 4 adds
    • If the group has low damage deal, there can be 1 more summon. If so, stop attacking Modor and kill 4 adds first. because Modor will summon 4 adds when her HP is under 50%

  • The interval from 50% to 0% of Modor's HP
    • Spiteful Fear & Demented Scream
      • Modor will move to center of ground when her HP is 50%
      • Cleric should get position that can avoid the skill and dispell other members' fear state asap.
    • Summon interval will be shorter than before
      • If the group has high damage deal, the group can kill Modor before summon.
      • If 4 adds by 4th summon are appeared, Tanker should train all adds and other members should focus to killing Modor.