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Danuar Reliquary

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    Modor's Normal attack damage is Fire element based, and almost all of the skill damages are water based.(Some of the skill damage have no element base.)

    Since the water skills do more damage than the normal fire damage, you should use Waterproof Scrolls, but using Fireproof Scrolls will also help.....

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Infinity Shard

    Almost all of Hyperion's skill has Earth Element. Especially, to survive Powerful Energy Blast, Using Earth Proof Scroll is helpfull.

    When get in the Infinity Shard, There is a shield that can't inflict any damage on Hyperion. After kill all monsters in the instance and destory 4 IDE Forcefield Generator, Hyperion can be attacked.....

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The Eternal Bastion

    There is an initial point (20,000 point) at start. For getting score, kill named monsters in regular waves. and also, destroy siege weapons. On specific condition, Pashid Assault Pod will appear and destroying these Pod give some score too.

    Pashid, the last boss has 24,000 point.

from The Eternal Bastion