- Level Limit 65+
- Alliance Instance (Max. 24)
- Location Entrance Kaldor
- Max 2 Entry a Day


- Named Monster Pashid
- Time Attack 30mins


- Mythic Weapon, Armor
- Eternal Weapon, Armor
- 100 Glory Point from quest
- Abyss Point, Ceramium Medal

Basic Information

  • Earning Score
    • There is an initial point (20,000 point) at start.
    • For getting score, kill named monsters in regular waves.
    • and also, destroy siege weapons.
    • On specific condition, Pashid Assault Pod will appear and destroying these Pod give some score too.
    • Pashid, the last boss has 24,000 point.
  • Losing Score
    • If walls of Bastion is destroyed, the score will be decreased (-150 point each)
    • If guard NPC is dead, the score will be decreased (-50 point each)
  • Rank Information & Rewards
    • After time limit (30 mins), The rank will be decided.
    • After kill the last boss, Pashid, The rank will be decied and not depend on time limit.
    • If our Command is dead, then fail. (rank F)
Rank Score Basic Reward Treasure Box
RankS.png 90,000

- Abyss Point 35,000
- 4 Ceramium medals

- Mythic Weapon or Armor * 1
- Eternal Weapon * 1
- Eternal Armor * 1
- Relic Box

RankA.png 82,000

- Abyss Point 25,000
- 2 Ceramium medals

- Eternal Weapon * 1
- Eternal Armor * 1
- Relic Box

RankB.png 60,000

- Abyss Point 15,000
- 1 Ceramium medals

- Eternal Armor * 1
- Relic Box

RankC.png 30,000

- Abyss Point 11,000

- Relic Box

RankD.png 5,000

- Abyss Point 7,000

- Relic Box

RankF.png under 5,000

[Defence] Repeated Wave

Regardless of the regular wave, on each predetermined period, Pashid's unit will appear and move toward our Commander at the eternal bastion. The Commander should be kept alive. if our commander dies, then the score is not applied and the rank will be "F"

- Monsters of repeated wave have no score
- but, they will try to kill our guard NPC while moving towards our Commander
- As time passes by, the number of monsters will be increased and the period will become faster than before.
- Killing named monster in each camp will make the period more slow

Eb def 01.png  Eb def 02.png

Cannon, the point of defence

In progress, the repeated wave's period has more and faster cycles. so, Defence Group should use the cannon effectively. A few cannons has been placed on top of the wall in the Eternal Bastion. but its better using a cannon in front of our Commander.

- There are 2 supply chests around our Commander that contain Artillery Cannonballs and the Generator.
- The cannon has an AoE skill(consume 3 cannonballs) that can kill most of the monsters which are being pulled to one place by Defence group.
- Supply chest are at each camp that contain some Artillery Cannonballs.

Eb def cannon 01.png
- The location of Cannon and consumables

Eb def cannon 02.png Eb def cannon 03.png
- pulling all monsters to one place,,, - and then fire cannon using AoE skill.

[Wave] Regular Wave

There are 5 phase of regular waves for killing Pashid eventually.

- There are named monsters at specific location in each phase.
- For next phase, kill all named monsters in current phase.
- Beritra Commander Pashid will appear at 5th phase.

  • Phase 1 - 1st Pashid Siege Units wave
    • 3 fixed units of named monster will appear, need to search and destroy all of them.
    • For Phase 2, kill all 3 units.
    • Each named monster has 1,880 point.

Eb wave01 01.png  Eb wave01 02.png

  • Phase 2 - 2nd Pashid Siege Units wave
    • 2 moving units and 1 fixed unit of named monster will appear.
    • 2 moving units move toward to our Commander, and killing our guard NPC (-50 point each).
    • 1 fixed unit at the swamp will destroy the water gate.
    • For Phase 3, kill all 3 units.

Eb wave02 01.png  Eb wave02 02.png

  • Phase 3 - 3rd Pashid Siege Units wave
    • 2 fixed units of named monster will appear with Pashid Danaur Turrets at around the Eternal Bastion.
    • Pashid Assault Pods will appear on the wall of the Eternal Bastion.
    • Pashid Danuar Turrets will destroy our cannon, if it's not destroyed.

      - Named Monster : 1,880 x 3
      - Pashid Danuar Turret : 334 x 6
      - Pashid Assault Pod : 334 x 3

Eb wave03 01.png  Eb wave03 02.png

  • Phase 4 - 4th Pashid Siege Units wave
    • There are 5 Pashid Siege Towers at around the wall of the Eternal Bastion.
    • and the towers will spawn monster repeatedly.
    • For S rank, the score must be over 61,000 before destroy all the towers.
    • Because, the last phase has only 29,010 points. Pashid(24,000) and Pashid Siege Dragon(1,002 x 5)

      - Pashid Siege Tower : 334 x 5

Eb wave04 01.png  Eb wave04 02.png

  • Phase 5 - The last wave of Pashid Siege Units
    • All members should gather at the Eternal Bastion.
    • and kill Pashid and protect our Commander.
    • Many monster will spawn and move toward to our Commander.

      - Pashid : 24,000
      - Pashid Siege Dragon : 1,002 x 5

Eb wave05 01.png  Eb wave05 02.png

Eb wave05 03.png

[Offence] Attack Camp

There are 11 camps in the territory. and the monsters at each camps has many score.

- Killing named monster make the repeat wave (Defence) slowly
- The Ammo Box at each camp contain useful consumable. (Aetheric Cannonball, Case Shot, Armor Piecing Shot) - There are too many monsters at Pashid Operations Rakunta Command and Pashid Forward Headquarters.
- So, it's batter using Beritran Chariot for killing the monsters at the camps.
- The named monsters at Pashid Artillery Base and Pashid Command Center has Mobile Turret Key.

- Armor Piecing Shot : destroy enemy Chariot.
- Case Shot : AoE that can kill 5 monsters at once.

Eb offence 01.png  Eb offence 02.png

Camp Loot Specification
Pashid Sentry Post Alpha - few monsters and easy to attack.
Pashid Sentry Post Beta - few monsters and easy to attack.
Pashid Supply Base Alpha Aetheric Cannonball many Cannonball in supply chest
Pashid Supply Base Beta Aetheric Cannonball many Cannonball in supply chest
Pashid Operations Rakunta Command - kill many monsters by using Beritran Chariot. (5,000 point)
Pashid Forward Headquarters - kill many monsters by using Beritran Chariot. (5,000 point)
Pashid Command Center Mobile Turret Key named monster at the camp has Mobile Turret Key
Pashid Artilley Base Mobile Turret Key named monster at the camp has Mobile Turret Key
Pashid Siege Weapon Supply Post Aetheric Cannonball, Armor Piecing Shot, Case Shot many consumable in Ammo Boxes
Pashid Munitions Base Aetheric Cannonball, Armor Piecing Shot, Case Shot many consumable in Ammo Boxes
Pashid Siege Base Beritran Chariot 4 Beritran Chariots at the camp

Eb map.png

Organization & Role

Defence - Group 1 : Tanker(1), Damage Dealer(2), Healer(2), Pod(1)
Wave[1] - Group 2 : Tanker(1), Damage Dealer(4), Healer(1)
- Group 3 : Damage Dealer(3), Healer(1), Cannon(1), Camp(1)
Offence[2] - Group 4 : Damage Dealer(2), Healer(1), Cave(1), Drive(1), 499(1)
  • Defence Group
    • Defence Group secure the Commander.
    • After gathered the monsters at one place, fire the cannon.
    • refer the followed video

  • POD
    • POD means a role that destory Pashid Assault Pod falling down from the sky
    • refer the followed video

  • Wave Group
    • Wave Group defend all enemies from regular waves at front yard of the Eternal Bastion.
    • refer the followed video

  • Cannon
    • The cannon is a member of Defence Group, but join in group 3 usually.
    • The cannon shoots toward the Gathered monsters at one place by Defence Group.
    • refer the followed video

  • Camp
    • Camp is a role that steal Aetheric Cannonball from Cannon Supplies Box in Pashid camps.
    • Only Assasin can do this role. Because of this role is needed Hide II.
    • The Wave Group also can do this role by training or killing all monsters in the camps.
    • refer the followed video

  • Offence Group
    • Offence Group kill boss of some camps and earn score for rank.
    • refer the followed video

  • Cave
    • Cave is a role that steal Mobile Turret Key and some consumables for Beritran Chariot.
    • Only Assasin can do this role. Because of this role need Hide II.
    • refer the followed video (contained about Camp & Cave)

  • Drive
    • Drive is a role that drive Beritran Chariot.
    • refer the followed video.

  • 499
    • 499 means essence tapping skill.
    • There is a big vivinite(499) ore blocking the road.
    • and Offence Group need to essence tapping the vivinite ore for passing through the road.


  1. Usually, group 2 & 3 members, except cannon, are called as 11 man.
  2. Usually, Offence group is called as 6 man.